What is anger management?

  • Anger management refers to strategies used to stop anger from becoming a problem in your life. Having a lot of anger on a regular basis can create problems with other people in your life, as well as get you into legal trouble, if you express your anger physically or in threatening ways. Chronic anger can also have serious impacts on your physical health. 

  • Anger can come from a lot of different places and the way you express your anger might be related to the how adults around you expressed their anger when you were growing up. Some people believe that the only way to get their needs met is by behaving aggressively.

  • Having an issue like anxiety, depression, or PTSD can make it harder to keep anger from taking over. Having angry outbursts can also be tied up with feelings of shame and guilt. 

  • Sometimes people are ordered by a judge or the courts to take anger management classes. These classes have specific requirements and have to be court-approved. Please note that we do not provide these types of programs. 

  • Managing anger in a healthy way requires figuring out the root cause of your anger as well as different ways of expressing yourself (including assertive communication) and managing stress. At Finding Change Stress and Trauma Psychotherapy, we treat anger in a holistic way--we work together with clients to find out how anger fits into the story of their life and what healing needs to happen in order for them to feel safe enough to let go of excessive anger. 


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