What causes procrastination and poor concentration?

  • Lots of things can make it difficult to concentrate and get things done. Having anxiety or depression can make it hard to focus because you might be preoccupied with negative or worrying thoughts. If you have PTSD, you might also be distracted by intrusive memories or find yourself dissociating a lot. People diagnosed with ADHD can also find concentration to be very difficult. 

  • Not being able to concentrate can be very frustrating, especially if you can't get the things done that you need to for work or school. Other people may not understand why you aren't able to be productive and get frustrated with you as well.

  • If you can't concentrate, you might also find yourself procrastinating, waiting until the last minute to get things done. 

  • Procrastination can also be related to low self-esteem or perfectionism. You might feel incapable of doing what you need to do or you might feel like you can't start or finish a project until you can do it perfectly and be afraid of failing. If you are a chronic procrastinator, you might feel guilty about letting other people down and ashamed at how much difficulty you have getting things done. You likely have a harsh inner critic and engage in a lot of negative self-talk. 

  • Addressing poor concentration and procrastination requires having curiosity about what is distracting you and what fears are holding you back. Being kind to yourself instead of highly critical is also important.


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