What is depression?

  • Depression is a mood disorder that can make you feel sad or hopeless. You might also feel low motivation and you might not enjoy things you used to like. Some people with depression also have a hard time taking care of themselves when it comes to things like eating and bathing. 

  • Depression can go along with things like negative self-talk, catastrophic thinking, and feelings of guilt or worthlessness. 

  • Anxiety, shame, and depression often go together.

  • A lot of people with depression have thoughts of suicide or self-harm, which might only come up occasionally or might last for a very long time. 

  • Depression can last for a few weeks or even several years, especially if you don't have support from family, friends, or professionals. Some people might feel like they have been depressed for their whole lives. 

  • There are different kinds of depression, some of which include: postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and major depression.

  • If you have experienced childhood abuse, neglect, or other types of trauma, depression could be the way your mind and body adapted to protect you from a threat (even if the threat is no longer there). 

  • Lots of people take anti-depressants or other medications to help with depression. Getting exercise, spending time with loved ones, and eating well can be also be helpful, as well as reaching out to a therapist for depression counselling. 


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