What is stress and burnout?

  • Most of us experience stress in our daily lives but too much stress can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety, depression, and burnout. Too much stress can also contribute to physical health issues. 

  • Burnout happens when you have been facing an overwhelmingly stressful situation on an ongoing basis. This can happen when other people put too many demands on you or when you put too many demands on yourself, or a combination of both. Structural issues like discrimination can also contribute to burnout. 

  • Burnout is often associated with work stress and can happen more easily when you're in an emotionally toxic work environment. But, you can also experience burnout related to school or even your personal life. If you are a parent or you are responsible for taking care of someone elderly or sick, you might experience caregiver stress. 

  • Symptoms of burnout include: problems with digestion, high blood pressure, getting sick often, headaches, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, feelings of worthlessness, low motivation, fatigue, and thoughts of suicide

  • If you have experienced trauma from childhood abuse or neglect, it might be especially hard for you to set healthy boundaries with other people or ask for help, which can contribute to burnout. 

  • If you are experiencing too much stress or burnout in your life, it is important to accept the reality of your situation so you can start to make changes. You might need to make changes at work (or even look for a new job), ask for help, or start setting boundaries with yourself and others. Connecting with other people, taking breaks, and practicing mindfulness can also be helpful. 

  • It can be hard to accept that you are burned out and need to make changes--it can also be hard to figure out what changes would be helpful. Getting stress counselling with a therapist can help give you clarity so you can make a plan. 


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