What are attachment issues?

  • Attachment issues refers to problems we have when it comes to forming healthy, safe relationships with other people. Attachment issues usually come from our childhood experiences. 

  • In childhood, when our parents or caregivers don't meet our needs or help us feel safe and loved, we can develop sets of beliefs and behaviours (called insecure attachment styles) that help us survive while we are young but can hold us back in our relationships as adults. For example, we might keep a lot of emotional distance from other people or we might become overly dependent on others. Some people can develop more extreme behaviours because they feel unsafe and untrusting when they receive love from others. 

  • Often, attachment issues come from experiences of childhood abuse or neglect--this is sometimes called attachment trauma. But, people who grow up with loving, safe caregivers can also develop attachment issues because even parents who have the best of intentions can make mistakes. 

  • If you identify as having abandonment issues or trust issues, these are likely related to attachment. Anxiety and anger can often go along with attachment issues as well. 

  • Having attachment issues and struggling in relationships as a result does not mean you are a bad person. Developing self-awareness and gradually moving out of your comfort zone can be very helpful ways to make changes. 

  • Talking to a therapist can help you identify what attachment issues you might have, where they came from, and how you can heal them. 


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